• Ellis Unchained

Crying in Vain

Sitting watching the world go by,

Simple acts of kindness, crumples my heart,

The river of impending doom runs from my eyes. I can’t see society for much longer being free,

Pure souls of children soon to be polluted, clear to see,

Mental health is now taught, gaslighted, the system’s decree. I use to cry for poor old me, blaming all externally,

Now I cry for the animals the birds and bees,

We are only animals rocking in the cages of thieves. My tears are releasing my heart’s burden,

Humans I can stay away, but I couldn’t be any closer,

My door, my ears my love is always open. Saturated cheeks I can’t bear this manufactured life,

I’m a man of organically developed nature.

Exploitation, control, and manipulation, Hate and greed, why are you a temptation?

By Ellis Unchained

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©2021 21/07/2021

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