• Ellis Unchained

Centuries Convert Center

The 15th century before JC, 412 BC.

Plato’ message was spreading, justice, beauty, equality.

412 BC, plagued Athens with influenza.

In the end, the battle of Miletus, their defeat.

165 A.D, for many years, the plague let loose in Rome,

Marcomannic war birthed from disease.

The Greek residing in Italy, told the tale of these.

The great disease killed many, war a distant memory.

Tit for tat to me.

This poem could be eternal, let’s skip to 1918.

Spanish Flu uncaged,

Killing 17 million, to 100, the difference, obscene.

World one is coming!

Franz Ferdinand possibly foreseen.

World war two, biological actions through the roof.

Malaria, Bubonic, relapsing fever, polio,

From 1942 straight to 2000, no time to regenerate.

Many all at once, led to waste.

Y2K is upon us, Israel got their Lebanon, sure to add Palestine.

Ironically, 12 months later, influenza set free to roam,

War on Terror begins, taking more than its decoy.

The battle’s quiet now; the profit’s been made.

Hey there Covid, what’s the agenda today?

Funny how the Army recruiting’s ramped up,

Especially in a time like today.

We’ve all been brought together, atmosphere of yesterday.

Watch time with caution everyone.

We’ll be shooting invisible enemies, throughout the decade.

By Ellis Unchained

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©


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