• Ellis Unchained

Cause the Effect

Daydreams from within the skull projecting, dissecting another dream,

absorbing nightmares are choice, the widening of the fissure.

We hear this, we hear that, whilst sitting in silence, the tainted imagination,

Can leave an adult feeling confused and petulant.

Nerves of the system, fire continuously as the lightning bug sways the night sky,

This show, a piece of filigree.

Snowballs of negativity, gain momentum and volume, uncontrollably, before it crashes,

Into the solar plexus, don’t forget peace, close the portcullis.

Old ways dressed up in altered disguises, the acts of acts can tear hearts away.

Now only connections lost and filched.

The chord that rings now is of mystery, a concoction of dark and wondrous.

Making waves, creating new strains, a cacophony.

The sun rises as does the moon, on and on, over and over, in circles and cycles.

Is this our prophecy?

By Ellis Unchained

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©2020


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