• Ellis Unchained

Carving My Own

Modern day is the new age, new algorithms.

Magnetic force, complex killings of messianisms.

Move back, stand up, look there’s still misogynism.

Paper money I.O.U complex situations, make way for digital currency.

Paper cash we die for, will be valued at nothing, as your occupancy.

Pay good vibes, only fund is love, trump the opposite, Rancid pungency.

Turbulence provided by multimedia, of every variety.

Toughness within, to decompress the anger of society.

Truth, critical thinking for the masses should be priority.

Bind together no compromise, systems, titles, demise.

Remove the rose tint, see with your own Eyes.

Or keep them on if everything is Hunky-dory.

Just relax, stop shouting about it.

Let them write your story!

By Ellis Robinson

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©2020


Carving by Graham Jones of GMJ WOODCARVING: https://gmjwoodcarving.co.uk/

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