• Ellis Unchained

Birds of the See

The gull is able, to see what’s in front of him.

Gull is able to eat around twelve, it’s turned routine for him.

Gull is able to hear the dinner bell ringing,

for six weeks, even 2 weeks, on the resurrection of Christ.

The gull is able to see the fable,

While the orange the red, throw food on his table.

Gull is able to see them, watch him dance,

Even with the excitement, he remains stable.

As he flies away into the alloy sky, pinks and blues turn to dark.

A thought touches his thought, are those buoys.

They’ll soon be roped again, now I’m full of food,

I’ll begin eating fish again.

By Ellis Unchained

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©


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