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Beautiful souls, unconscious minds.

Mental health is a topic that everyone talks about these days. Anxiety, depression, PTSD, the list goes on. A few years back I received a diagnosis from the GP for PTSD, OCD and anxiety. After the diagnosis, my condition worsened. The label had been placed; I’d officially received my ear tag. The doctor proceeded with the strange but apparently 1st line of treatment, sertraline (quick fact, in 2017 the NHS spent a staggering 17.4 million on medication.) My issues proceeded for weeks, even months, until the day had come. The struggle, the thoughts, the days not getting out of bed. I felt my time had come. A mind in utter chaos, in my opinion today is a dead one. I believe it can be pulled back out of the darkness, but it takes almighty courage. One day, I found the strength to take myself out of the house to one of my favorite places to be, but with no intention of returning. Life trapped in my own mind had become a burden that I could no longer bear. A high percentage of people get to this state of mind, hence why our suicide rate is so high. In 2018 there were 6700 suicides jumping 10% from the year before. I’m a lucky human, as the destination I chose to travel to was a place of beauty, singing with nature. I’d also taken a notebook to write a note. Luckily for me, I ended up deliberately lost in the thick of the wood, and instead of writing a goodbye, I wrote a poem... I went back to my family, where I belong. Here’s a link to the poem if you fancy a read:


The following day I threw my medication in the bin and started exercising. I decided to cut out sugar and processed foods, and within a week I felt something that I hadn’t felt for a long time, a spark. A beautiful spark. It felt like my soul was waking up… Then I discovered cold shower and breathing therapy. Wow!!! I would recommend this to anyone. Especially living in our western, over worked, consumerist society. Same again fellow humans, an in depth write up for cold showers, take a look:


After months now, I will not say I’m 100%, but my journey has come a long way. I believe it’s because I made this issue my own and came to terms with the fact that we have a choice, always. I threw away my mobile phone, gave away all my unnecessary clothes and off loaded the things that I would have guarded with my life… my Pokémon cards. It was a huge relief. I continued to change my state of mind with simple techniques, I acknowledged the difference between want and need. In the modern day, we hear far too many people needing. I need a new pair of trainers; I believe you would like them. You could possibly need some good nutrition, so you don’t get sick. I made the conscious effort to be grateful for waking up each day and set myself simple goals. Humans love achieving, but why make 10 unobtainable goals? Just make a couple simple ones, like hug someone and smile. They can be fulfilled in a short time. Get out in nature and exercise. Remember, the doctors, the council, the government and the royal family, they are all humans. They only have mass amounts of power if you believe in it. The power is within you. The mind is that simple… Before I move on to the research I found on alternative treatments… gut feelings. Most people will say, I wish I listened to my gut. Well that feeling in your gut is correct most of the time. As a nation, even a world, we listen to our minds far too much... This is dangerous on many levels, just research subliminal messages, this will give you a better understanding. Moving back onto the Medical side.

No doctor will set you on the path of a balanced mind, that wouldn’t make 46 billion. Which is what Bayer made in 2015. I referenced the year before Bayer purchased Monsanto for $66 billion. Bayer don’t need to outsource their natural growing plants to make their chemical-based medication. In the UK, a doctor can be stripped of their license for recommending alternative treatments, i.e... natural or none medicine based. Yet, only a doctor for the NHS, it’s not illegal for ‘Joe Bloggs’ to recommend alternative treatment. The wording for this is written by the NCCIH, daughter company of the National institute of health, (America’s health doesn’t seem too bright.) This is information that can be found on the NHS website… Just a little food for thought.

People of the world, remember. You always have a choice and behind the rose tint there’s always another option.


Ellis Unchained

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