• Ellis Unchained

Base Jumping Without a Parachute

The mobile phone, the new TV, the ultimate media administration device.

Social media, the health crumbler, the chains, the ultimate manipulator.

Keyboard warriors, dopamine chasers and dramatising hyenas.

Thoughts of a new kind, pulverising the mind from pre world wars.

Apps for everything, from banking to finding a partner, we don’t live in the world,

We live in a screen, for all to be seen, do we see anymore?

You want a job or a career, or to only socialise? Get a phone, it’s all A.I.

Misinterpreted messages; true emotion gone!

The tablet is our babysitter, kids’ mental health in tatters, on par with the adults.

We are all at it, the world has forgot about snap, a social game.

Ads after ads, in game purchasing, the scrolling causes fatigue, need energy?

It reads your mind; up pops just eat.

Corporations don’t care, we are cannon fodder, fired to the doctors to be prescribed,

Antidepressants and moisturising solution for the eyes.

Unfortunately, this is now life, socialising in person, is talking to the camera,

Or the top of a head, while eyes gaze at the phone.

Try your best with the utmost courage, to put the damn thing down,

It is distracting us from way too much.

NHS sell off, loss of human rights, child trafficking, corruption, compassion,

Real kindness, genocide, and our dreams.

By Ellis Unchained

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©2020


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