• Ellis Unchained

Adios Amigos

This way of living is not for me, I am sorry, I must leave.

This material world of self-pity and anguish, I have attempted to defeat.

The wars, the battles, I’ve prayed to many gods, on my knees.

As many have blindly knelt, to continue this life of division and low counts of steam.

My Heart once mended by self-care has again began to seep.

What compelled me to fight for people, has lost its meaning, the soul needs resting.

Harsh reality breaks my barrier, as did the infantry, help can only come within.

The life I was being sold, I am not buying, nor am I a salesman.

I’ll be here for anyone.

You can find me!

I will be sitting.

Finally, in peace!

By Ellis Robinson

Work of Unchained Wisdom ©2020


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